Executive Protection - A Practitioner's Overview

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Course Description:

This course will examine executive protection from the viewpoint of a practitioner. It will cover how potential targets are selected through the surveillance process and why certain targets are decided upon. The concept of remaining a difficult target to pinpoint will be discussed as it relates to everyday commuting as well as travel. Protective security advances will be described in detail as the best tool for protective planning. Daily close protection operations will be covered including agent formations, vehicular and residential operations and travel security procedures. Emergency guidelines will be outlined with immediate action drills for various scenarios explored. This course is intended to offer an overview of an often misunderstood discipline. It serves as an introduction to the specific executive protection course in the series.

Course Covers:
  • Introduction and Job Description
  • Target Selection Criteria
  • Surveillance and Surveillance Detection
  • Counter-Surveillance
  • Route Planning
  • Security Advances
  • Protective Operations
  • Command Post Operations
  • Residential Operations
  • Protective Vehicle Operations
  • Emergency Contingency Planning
  • Practical Exercises


None required.

Learning Outcomes:

In successful completion of this course one can expect to have a better understanding of surveillance, surveillance detection, protective vehicle operations and more, while knowing how to use new tools such as target selection criteria and route planning.


Personalized certificate awarded upon successful completion of course and final test.

Who Should Take this Course:

Security Managers, Executive Protection Practitioners, Risk Managers, Detail Leaders, Senior Executives, Corporate Security Officers, and anyone committed to enhancing their professional skills in relation to ASIS, HRCI and SHRM.

Course Preview:
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Course Length: 02:28:46


A computer with internet access; Microsoft Silverlight installed; iPad's are not currently supported.

Delivery Method:

1. Online course

Course Completion Timeline: You will have 180 days to complete this course after enrolling

Course Presenter:

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