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Rob Shuster - Vice President of Protective Services and Training
Rob Shuster
Prior to joining AFIMAC, Mr. Shuster spent most of his 30 year career with a global leader in uniform security and investigations services. There, he held various positions including: executive protection detail leader, director of training, vice president of corporate development and senior vice president of the asset protection team.

Mr. Shuster is a respected expert in security practices and training related to crisis management & response, labor disputes, close protection operations, special event security, security awareness programs, evasive & defensive driving, and executive protection program design. He has written corporate security articles and white papers, and has lectured for many noted organizations including the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS), the International Society of Special Event Planners, the Young Presidents Organization, Penn State University, the Tactical Response Association and the International Association of Chiefs of Police. Mr. Shuster has also served two (2) four year terms on the private security advisory board for the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services.

Joseph Schollaert - President
Joseph Schollaert
Mr. Schollaert has more than 21 years of experience in the security and business continuity services industry. After graduation from college, Mr. Schollaert started his career with Allied Security, Inc. and progressed rapidly to become one of the youngest regional managers within the company. After eight years with Allied Security, Mr. Schollaert joined AFIMAC as director of operations.

As Senior Vice President. Schollaert has direct oversight of AFIMAC's strategic growth, sales and marketing, and operational planning and implementation. He is a member of the following associations: American Management Association (AMA), Chief Executive Network, American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS), Business Industry Continuity Emergency Planning and Preparedness (BICEPP), Ohio Association of Security and Investigative Services (OASIS), Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), Sandler Sales Institute, Sales Concepts Presidents Club, and Ohio Association of Private Detective Agencies (OAPDA).

Mr. Schollaert earned bachelor degrees in criminal justice and psychology from Duquesne University.

Dr. Dennis A. Davis - Director of Client Training for Ogletree Deakins
Dennis Davis
Dr. Davis is a dynamic and experienced speaker. He developed the BEHAVIORAL RISK MANAGEMENT PROGRAM™, intended to help organizations reduce the risk and exposure of inappropriate behavior in the workplace, and HR ON-LINE™, a web based supplement to Human Resources departments. Dr. Davis is a nationally recognized expert in the areas of Violence in the Workplace, Professional Interaction, Conflict Resolution, Sexual Harassment, and Cultural Diversity. He has conducted extensive Behavioral Risk Management training for university personnel, government agencies, and private corporations across the United States. In addition, Dr. Davis is the author of many articles on workplace violence as well the widely acclaimed violence handbook titled, Threats Pending, Fuses Burning: Managing Workplace Violence.

Dr. Davis holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology.

Dr. Marc McElhaney - CEO of Critical Response Associates
Dr. Marc McElhaney
Dr. Marc McElhaney serves as President of Critical Response Associates and is the author of a textbook for Managers entitled, Aggression in the Workplace: Preventing and Managing High-Risk Behavior. As a Consulting Psychologist and certified Mediator, Dr. McElhaney works exclusively in the areas of threat assessment, critical incident management and conflict resolution. Since 1977, he has consulted with hundreds of international organizations (typically large corporations and law enforcement agencies) in regards to the assessment, management and resolution of high-risk incidents. He has also helped corporations develop workplace violence policies and crisis response programs. Additionally, he has more recently presented workshops and training programs, primarily in the areas of workplace violence prevention, conflict resolution and crisis management.

Tom Dickel - Senior Instructor, Tactical Training
Tom Dickel
Tom is a Sergeant for a Cleveland area police department with over 22 years of law enforcement experience. He is on a multi-jurisdictional SWAT team and serves as assistant team leader of the counter-sniper team His is also a member of the Safety and Security Committee for the local school district and conducts active shooter training for the region

Ron Ritter - Manager of Crisis & Disaster Services
Ron Ritter
Mr. Ritter's security background includes almost 20 years with Vance/APT, developing business and leading operations at diverse sites including public utilities, steel mills, coal and copper mines, product distribution centers and paper product manufacturers.

Mr. Ritter has also served as an Asset Protection Team (APT) instructor in the U.S. and Canada, and has held several State Department of Criminal Justice Services and Department of Public Safety trainer certificates. In addition, he has served in the United States Army with 10 years active and 11 years reserve military service. His military experience includes military police training and performance assigned to strategic nuclear weapons support aircraft as well as reactive and custodial duty at a NATO nuclear weapons storage facility.

Derek Rohr - Manager of Crisis & Disaster Services
Derek Rohr
Mr. Rohr came to AFIMAC with 20 years of security experience and 14 years in the private sector primarily functioning as a Risk Management and Security Advisor, and Director of Presidential Security Operations. Rohr's military experience includes 6 years in the Military Police with the United States Army.

In the private sector, Rohr supervised a team that directed security operations for the Haitian President. Additional principals included General Clark, General Wilhelm, General McCaffrey, Rear Admiral Perkins, Rear Admiral Doran, General Bonett (Columbia), General Hermoza Rios (Peru), President Aristide (Haiti), and President Preval (Haiti). Lastly, Rohr has supported Protection Operations in North, Central and South America and the Caribbean with a large and diverse number of government officials and Presidents. Rohr currently resides in Pompano Beach, Florida, and he attended the University of Maryland Criminal Justice program.

Todd Moore - President CARTA Inc.
Todd Moore
Todd Moore is the President of Canadian Armed Robbery Training Associates Inc. (CARTA Inc.), Canada's leading robbery mitigation and threat management program. Since 2005, his company has been providing armed robbery seminar and e-learning training to financial, commercial and retail businesses across North America. Todd is currently a Police Detective with a large Municipal Police Service and has 24 years policing service with extensive experience in various specialized investigative units. Todd was a former investigator in the Robbery Unit for several years where he was responsible for the investigation of financial, commercial and transportation armed robberies.

In 2003, he was the recipient of the Canadian Bankers Law Enforcement Award and Gold Medal in relation to a complex armoured truck robbery investigation.

In 2009, CARTA Inc. and their US partner ARTA, LLC partnered with AFIMAC and developed the online Truck Hijacking Response Training Course which is the only truck hijacking course available in North America.

Todd is a designated Certified Security Professional (C.S.P.).

Paul Laska - Associate Security Instructor
Paul Laska
Paul R. Laska earned a B.S. in criminology from the Florida State University in 1973. He then went on to a 29 year career in law enforcement in South Florida, including 22 years in crime scene investigation/fingerprint identification and 7 years in environmental investigations. He also performed for 23 years in the corollary position of bomb technician. During his career, he worked as an investigator and as supervisor of forensic science, records, and bomb disposal. His activities during that time included in excess of 10,000 investigations, including 1000 death investigations, about 1000 bomb related incidents, and a gamut from minor thefts through homicides. He worked cases for his own agency, plus a variety of other local agencies requesting assistance, and various state and federal agencies requesting his assistance.

Following his retirement in November, 2002, Mr. Laska continued to serve as a legal consultant, instructor, and writer. He has worked as an instructor for the US Department of State Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program, New Mexico Tech/EMRTC Incident Response to Terrorist Bombing program, University of South Florida Center for Biological Defense, Indian River State College (for over 30 years, and a variety of independent programs. His writings have appeared in Law Officer Magazine,, Law Enforcement Technology Magazine, Police Magazine, The Detonator, published by the International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators, and Evidence Technology Magazine. In 2009 he was named to succeed Thomas G. Brodie as author of Brodie's Bombs and Bombings, with the 4th Edition planned for publication in late 2011.

Richard L. Staikoff - Practice Leader - Lean enterprise growth services
Richard Staikoff
Richard is the Practice Leader of Apple Growth Partners' Lean Enterprise Growth Services team. A certified Project Management Professional by the Project Management Institute and certified Lean Master, he specializes in the training and implementation of Lean Enterprise. Richard also provides project management guidance for both new ERP systems and upgrade projects. Richard is highly proficient in the use of the Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step methodology for project management and implementation of Dynamics systems.

Prior to joining the firm, Richard held IT and project management positions with Fortune 500 companies in the property and casualty insurance, electronics and consumer products industries. In addition to project management of IT initiatives, he has set project management, software development life cycle and business process improvement best practice standards and conducted project management business process improvement training for numerous organizations.

John Platz - Senior Executive and Consultant
John Platz
John Platz is a seasoned Senior Executive and Consultant with more than 40 years of success across the industrial relations, HR, hospitality, energy, manufacturing, financial services, high tech, and non-profit sectors. Leveraging extensive experience in a broad range of senior consulting roles in the HR and industrial relations space, he is a valuable asset for companies working on due diligence toward investor relations, compliance issues, HR systems, M&A activity, or disruptive technology. His broad areas of expertise include human resources, strategic planning, governance, unions, collective bargaining, negotiations, conflict management, organizational development, executive search, team building, and leadership development.

Throughout his executive career, Mr. Platz has held leadership positions at companies including Platz & Associates, HR/IR Satellite Inc., Global Hospitality Search Consultants Ltd., and Commonwealth Hospitality. As CEO of Platz & Associates since 1994, he leads the management consulting firm specializing in HR and industrial relations. He has also been CEO of HR/IR Satellite since 2001, providing distribution of online HR products and services with a focus on employee satisfaction surveys. He additionally serves as an Advisor to Global Hospitality Search Consultants since 2008 and as a Facilitator for "managing in a Unionized Environment" with the Schulich Executive Education Centre since 2005. He previously held senior HR roles with Commonwealth Hospitality, Brunswick Mining & Smelting, Livingston International, Griffith Laboratories, and Weston Bakeries. He has been responsible for personally negotiating more than 170 collective agreements with a heavy emphasis on the hotel sector, has successfully completed training and consulting assignments in a range of industries with some 80 active clients for his Employment Advisory Service, and has taught "Negotiations and Collaborative Management" and "Dynamic Employee Relations in Changing Times" classes for a Masters Certificate in Municipal Administration program.

John holds a BA in Political Science from McMaster University and completed the Advanced Professional Development program for Human Resources Executives at the University of Michigan. He has held board positions with the Regional Tourism Organization #6 in Ontario, Canada, Hills of Headwaters Tourism Association, East Wellington Family Health Team, Ladybird Animal Sanctuary, Equine Canada, and the Dalton Group of Companies.

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