AFI Training Course: Guidelines for Crossing Picket Lines

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Course Description:

This brief course is a quick study on what to expect on a labour dispute picket line. Often knowing what could happen allows you to be prepared and not over react to any given situation. The course will offer guidelines and the 'do's and don'ts' for crossing the picket line. We will review that the actions displayed by those on the picket line are often out of character and your reaction should take that into account. We also remind the student that the evidence gathering equipment deployed by strike security on the picket line is only used when misconduct occurs, but the camera is not selective about what it records and can capture your misconduct as well as that of a picketer.

Course Covers:
  • What to Expect on a Picket Line
  • Precautions for Crossing a Picket Line
  • What to do When an Incidents Occurs While Crossing



Learning Outcomes: None at this time.


Personalized certificate awarded upon successful completion of course and final test.

Who Should Take this Course:

Security Managers, Human Resource Managers, Crisis Management Team Members, Human and Labor Relations Personnel, Operations Managers, employees expecting to cross a picket line, and anyone committed to enhancing their professional skills in relation to ASIS, HRCI and SHRM.

Course Preview:
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Price: $20.95 USD

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Course Length: 00:39:51


A computer with internet access; Microsoft Silverlight installed; iPad's are not currently supported.

Delivery Method:

Online or On-site

Course Completion Timeline: You will have 180 days to complete this course after enrolling

Course Presenter:

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