Truck Hijacking Response - Essential Driver Training - Refresher

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Course Description:

This course is an overview refresher for employees who have successfully completed the Truck Hijack Essential Course.  This program highlights the essential knowledge necessary for an employee to use proper observation skills and proper post robbery procedure actions that an employee should utilize after a robbery or truck hijacking situation.

Course Covers:
  • Understanding a Robber's Goals & Motives
  • Communication Between Driver & Dispatcher
  • Truck Hijacking Prevention Safety Procedures
  • Precaution & Responses if a Hijacking Does Occur
  • Myths of Armed Robbery
  • Types of Resistance
  • Weapons Used in Robberies
  • Observation Skills
  • Observation Exercise
  • Post Robbery Procedure Cards
  • Observation & Post Robbery Procedure Exercises

Prerequisites: None for this training course.

Learning Outcomes:

This course acts as a refresher for those who have previously taken Truck Hijacking Response – Essential Driver Training. With the successful completion of this course one will be able to understand a robber's goals and motives and know how to respond if a hijacking does occur.


Personalized certificate awarded upon successful completion of course and final test.

Who Should Take this Course:

Truck drivers, and anyone committed to enhancing their professional skills in relation to ASIS, HRCI and SHRM.

Course Preview:
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Price: $29.95 USD

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Course Length: 00:47:25


A computer with internet access; Microsoft Silverlight installed; iPad's are not currently supported.

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Course Completion Timeline: You will have 180 days to complete this course after enrolling

Course Presenter:

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