Armed Robbery Response Training

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Course Description:

This course explores robberies of all types, outlining goals and motivations of the robbers which directly affect the tactics used in the robbery. We discuss the realities of resistance and the probable outcomes for certain courses of action. The course will discuss preventive measures, common myths, and what your immediate response should be if you are involved or have been the victim of a robbery. Police response and investigation is outlined and recommendations are made to teach you how to be the best witness possible, in addition to surviving the incident. Finally observation skills are emphasized and observation skill assessments are conducted using brief video clips.

Course Covers:
  • Robber's Goals (Expectations) & Motives
  • Types of Armed Robberies
  • US Bank Robbery Statistics & Trends
  • Financial Robberies vs. Commercial Robberies (CBA Study)
  • Myths of Armed Robbery
  • Types of Resistance
  • Weapons Used in Robberies
  • Observation Practices
  • Post Robbery Procedure Cards
  • Police Response & Investigation
  • Use of Security Hardware & Robbery Notification Stickers
  • Observation Skills Exercise
  • Observation & Post Robbery Procedure Exercise



Learning Outcomes:

Once this course is completed, an individual will have an understanding of the types and myths of armed robbery; while being able to demonstrate new skills such as observation practices and post robbery procedure exercises.


Personalized certificate awarded upon successful completion of course and final test.

Who Should Take this Course:

Any security personnel, Security Managers, Operations Managers, HR personnel, Customer service personnel, Cashiers, Retail Associates, Corporate Security personnel, Retail security, and anyone committed to enhancing their professional skills in relation to ASIS, HRCI and SHRM.

Course Preview:
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Price: $89.95 USD

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Course Length: 1:36:13


A computer with internet access; Microsoft Silverlight installed; iPad's are not currently supported.

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Course Completion Timeline: You will have 180 days to complete this course after enrolling

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